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Weddings are made by God in the heaven. This prime occasion of the wedding is embarked as a continuation of a relationship that continues for the span of next 7 lives.
A wedding day is recognized as the most important day of an individual’s life and the day acts as a life opener to adulthood with a new set of responsibilities and priorities. At Sri Happenings, we make the day more special with perfection.

Just booking the venue for your special occasion is not enough. Decorating the place with appropriate décor is equally important that acts as a cornerstone for making your venue look grand. With an artistic and flamboyant decor, you can make your occasion grand by appealing the eyes of your visitors.

We are Inventive

Decorating the stage for your special occasion is an art and to make your ordinary experience extraordinary we are here to offer Wedding Stage Decoration Services. Srihappenings is one of the most successful names in the industry that is renowned for adding a unique style and theme to your wedding/birthday party.

We are Insightful

The success of our brand name in a relatively short span of 10 years is built because of the innovative and conceptual ideas of Mr. Chinna, One of the best Art directors of the Telugu Films. Mr. Chinna’s innovative conceptual design concepts leave- an indelible imprint to our minds. Sri Happening’s works on Mr. Chinna’s principles of innovation, creativity, and values of delivering excellence to the customers. Our high-quality services and our versed staff members are the major factors that had to make the things work smoothly and which make us thrive in the marketplace. Our expertise in the field beautifies your venue by adding a pleasant touch to the overall décor of the place.

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We believes that an attractive stage is imperative to spellbound the end visitors. Stage acts as a single piece of contact where so many special events take place. A beautiful decor of your stage let you make your event grand, personalized, and feasible. Our team of versed professionals works to make your day special by adding a finishing touch to the stage which makes it look pleasant and appealing to your esteemed guests.

We offer a wide array of design options to add a pleasant vibrant look to your venue. Not only the wedding events, but we also offer our services for the other events too that include Birthday parties, Anniversaries, Receptions, etc. Our versed team of experts understands your needs and we professionally integrate the values to your occasion to give it an elegant, creative, and mesmerizing touch.

We welcome you to make your wedding day special with hoards of fun and joy.

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